The Timbuk2 vs Chrome Backpacks for everyday life and travel

Timbuk2 vs Chrome

Timbuk2 and Chrome bags are manufacturers of cool backpacks. However, unlike some of the more popular brands, such as Osprey, which mainly focus on packs for hiking and cycling, these manufacturers primarily focus on backpacks for everyday use and travel, and this is what we are going to check today.

Chrome Unisex Bravo 2.0 Timbuk2 Vs Chrome

If you are looking for this type of backpack, then you have come to the right place. Moreover, even better, these brands usually make very affordable backpacks so that everyone will find something affordable. In any case, you can always get a great deal on any of these packages on Amazon – the key is to make purchases smarter.

To help you with this, I looked through hundreds of different backpacks and found 8 of the most interesting. We will look at them in detail in this review of the best backpacks Timbuk2 backpacks and Chrome backpack!

timbuk2 backpack

What to look for in a backpack

It may seem that buying a backpack is quite simple, but the truth is that you have to take into account many things. If you do not want to make a mistake and get a backpack that is not suitable for your needs, that is.

So, read the next section and carefully consider all these points. This way, you will be sure that you will receive a package that is perfect for you and which you will use daily.

What do you need it for?

Do you need a package for sports or just for everyday life? Alternatively, maybe you need to travel? You know, backpacks for different purposes have a different design, so there is not a single package that is ideal for all these things.

For example, if you need a package to wear things every day, you would be mistaken for a traditional hiking backpack. Also, vice versa. That is why I am going to divide this review into two parts – backpacks for travel and everyday use. Depending on the type of backpack you need, you can use the quick navigation above to go to this section of the review.

Also, I’m sorry to disappoint you if you were hoping to get some information about an excellent sturdy hiking backpack. However, don’t worry, I’ll cover you. The Kelty Redwing is a good, inexpensive hiking backpack, and the Osprey Exos is also worth a visit.

Are there features that you will not compromise?

So, let’s say again that you need a backpack for everyday use, and that the main thing that bothers you is a laptop case. Wouldn’t it be a huge mistake to get the package without making sure that it has a sleeve that fits your laptop?

The same applies to any other function that, as you know, you will need and will use. Therefore, when you see the packaging you like, be sure to read about its basic functions carefully. I will do my best to stand out and show you some pictures if any.

However, if the package does not have a feature that most other bags in its assortment have, I will also inform you about this. Therefore, always check the “for” and “against” sections below the images so that you can have an idea of ​​the shortcomings and shortcomings of a particular backpack.

How much money are you willing to spend?

You probably know how much money you would like to spend on a backpack, and I will do my best to help you stay within your budget. Therefore, I will make a note in the minute’s section, if I think that a sure backpack is more expensive than you might expect.

However, be sure to check out the prices for these backpacks on Amazon, as they are usually much cheaper than manufacturers’ websites. Also, you can often get a better deal if you choose a color that is not so popular, and this is not the case if you decide it in stores.

Timbuk2 vs Chrome travel backpacks

We’re going to start this review with some of my favorites – travel backpacks. Moreover, to be clear, we are going to look at backpacks that are suitable for some short trips, or that will be used as hand luggage.

In this review, we will not check for large backpacks that you can use for trips lasting several weeks. If this is what you hoped to find, I advise you to check out a few Osprey backpacks for traveling.

Note: Chrome is more focused on your everyday backpacks, and I managed to find only one bag that is suitable for traveling in their range. So, in this section, you will see a bit more options from Timbuk2.


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